IT Support Services


IT Support Services



• PC Build
• Anti-Virus and Security Updates
• Software Support
• Email Accounts
• Microsoft 365
• Homeworker Setup
• VPN Configuration

Whether you need a new laptop or PC, or complete office upgrade, WSS will help you through the process and recommend the best solutions based your specific requirements.

All workstations managed by WSS will be protected by the latest anti-virus and backup software to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved and you can be back and working as quickly as possible.

We will help guide you through your business software needs and ensure all aspects are considered before making any strategy business investments.

The ‘Modern Office’ can be anywhere – a business premises to a kitchen table at home, so WSS will ensure staff have the tools they need to carry on working wherever they are.  Microsoft 365 with cloud data storage, online email accounts and Teams communication can be seamlessly integrated and managed. 


• On and Off-site Backups
• Anti-Virus and Security Updates
• Software Support
• User Account Management
• Hardware Maintenance
• Printer Setup
• Exchange Email

Business relies on ‘always on’ workhorse servers that sit behind the scenes managing emails, files, software, users accounts, printers and workstation protection.

WSS will ensure we understand every aspect through an initial comprehensive audit.  We can then ensure services are monitored, protected and supported 24/7, but also make recommendations on ways to modernise your hardware and also flag any concerns around aging or obsolete services.

Our Managed Anti-Virus service will give you the peace of mind that all of your machines are protected with the latest virus definitions at all times. Using the latest Symantec Endpoint Protection, we will be alerted to any suspicious files being accessed on your machines and can issue a full scan to ensure its clean.  The system will also alert us if any of your machines are not up to date. We can either send a request to the machine to update its virus definition files or contact you to arrange to investigate why the machine is not updating.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

• Structured Cabling
• Wireless Networks
• Internet Access
• ADSL/FTTC/Leased Lines
• ISP Management
• Firewall Configuration

Your infrastructure is the life blood of your business, moving data around your office and to and from remote connections such as home workers or off-site repositories. 

We can help with traditional CAT5E/CAT6 and VoiP setups and have many years experience building and managing enterprise Wi-Fi networks to bring to modernise and boost your Wi-Fi capabilities.

We can advise and support internet connectivity needs and ensure you have the right bandwidth but at the same time ensure you are protected by sufficient Firewalls.


• Disaster Resilience
• Off-site Backups
• Website Hosting
• Email Management
• Remote Desktop Solutions

We maintain a significant public/private cloud estate so we can ensure your business is backed up and Disaster Resilient.

We can host and manage most, if not all, services that would traditionally sit in on-site servers and continually monitor and manage performance.

Domain Registration

As members of Nominet for over 20 years, we manage many .UK domain names on our Nominet tag (WSKISOFT).  For other top-level non .UK domains, we use industry recognised registrars.  We believe in letting you look after your business, while we look after the IT and that includes doing any DNS updates or renewals on your behalf.  We host our own name servers which use industry standard software and are run on completely separate infrastructures and operating systems to ensure there is always a server available to service DNS requests for your domains.

Nominet Terms & Conditions

For information on Resolving UK Domain Registration disputes and complaints Click Here.

For information on disputes and complaints with WaterSkier Software, please email Your email will be responded to within 24 hours and we will do all we can to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

Please use to contact us for any domain name abuse, such as phishing scams, spam emails, you should expect to receive a response with a few hours and no more than 5 days


• Dedicated Phone Number
• Direct Email Contact
• TeamViewer Client Remote Control

Of course, a good resilient service is only as good as how we perform when issues arise.  A person at the end of the phone within moments, without lengthy menus and messages, is a guarantee. 

Emails responded to within an hour (but usually much shorter time) and an onsite presence as soon as practical will help you feel cared for. 


• Modernisation
• Network Health Check
• Strategic Planning
• Asset Management
• Software Licence Audit
• Disaster Recovery Testing

If you need a partner to walk you through the challenges of replacing or modernising networks or servers or if you are looking for a second opinion of ways to improve your IT estate, WSS are the experts you need. 

We can plan and project manage small and large scale programs as well as carry out significant audits of IT assets and make recommendations for improvements on protection and resilience.

For more information or for a quote please contact us by calling Ian Collins on 07774 181211 or via email