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About Us

WaterSkier Software Ltd provide trusted and expert IT support to SME organisations in Swindon, Wiltshire and Nationwide.

WSS’ origins go back almost 30 years.  WaterSkier Software Ltd was founded in 1994 based on a premise that “things could be done better”.

Ian Collins, an IT professional and an experienced water skier in his spare time, was faced with a challenge to get access to the Internet, then a new emerging technology, and felt there should be an easier and more straight-forward way for businesses to create dialup and hosting solutions.  Service providers of the time were costly and over-complicated and the solutions were poor and impersonal.

Today, with many local and national businesses relying on them to manage some, or all, of their IT infrastructure, WSS still adhere to their original ethos to do better and provide a more personal service than larger organisations.

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Our IT Support Services


• PC Build
• Anti-Virus and Security Updates
• Software Support
• Email Accounts
• Microsoft 365
• Homeworker Setup
• VPN Configuration


• On and Off-site Backups
• Anti-Virus and Security Updates
• Software Support
• User Account Management
• Hardware Maintenance
• Printer Setup
• Exchange Email

Infrastructure and Connectivity

• Structured Cabling
• Wireless Networks
• Internet Access
• ADSL/FTTC/Leased Lines
• ISP Management
• Firewall Configuration

Domains and Hosting

• Domain Registration
• Website Hosting
• Disaster Resilience
• Off-site Backups
• Email Management
• Remote Desktop Solutions


• Dedicated Phone Number
• Direct Email Contact
• TeamViewer Client Remote Control


• Modernisation
• Network Health Check
• Strategic Planning
• Asset Management
• Software Licence Audit
• Disaster Recovery Testing


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"WSS provide us with tremendous support guidance"

"They are absolutely brilliant, responsive and a very important part of our team"

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